Studio 4

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Everything around and everything inside ourselves is in dynamic progress, developing and growing.
I will learn as long as I live.


In 2012 I have opened a studio for wellness, spiritual healing and mental relaxation.

My music and knowledge about you being well is applied here by the whole team

and will lead to your own center of body and mind.

In my 'studio 4', Saalburgstr. 36 B, 61305 Bad Homburg

I'm working together with a wonderful team.

And this is our promise to you:
We will treat you with awareness, serenity, compassion and participation of joy.


The japanese acupressure energy massage for your head. It is a japanese massasge form. It appeals soothing, refreshing, wholesome, saluttarily and cordial.
Self-healing-powers will be stimulated. Shiatsu makes your energy flow freely again.

ca. 30 min - 19,- Euro

Buddhism massage

since more than 2500 years this form of the massage is well known.
It is combining elements of soft movement, stretching and rythmic pressure.
The flexibility of the body will be increased and the energy flow will be stimulated.
Blockades and tensions will be limbered.
Body and spirit will be free.

ca. 60 min - 39,- Euro
ca. 90 min - 55,- Euro

Hot Stone Massage

The massage with warm stones of lava is used already since thousands of years independently known by medicine men of all cultures at many different places on earth, that are geographically far away from each other.
It is a form of massage with upheated stones and oil. Partly the stones will be placed on certain places on top of the body and send the heat straight and deep inside, while you will be massaged with more stones and oil.
This massage relaxes muscles very quickly and appeals positively for the autonomic nervous system.
Women experience a direct easement of tensions during the menstruation.

30 min - 23,- Euro (including oil and preparations)
60 min - 40,- Euro (including oil and preparations)


Soothing Oil Massage

An oil massage is a very strong remedy for feeling well and relaxed very deeply.  While your bloodcirculation is enhanced, the oil is absorbed by the skin more easily.
Your soft and smooth skin you can feel imediately. (Don't shower anymore the day, you got this massage)

ca. 30 min - 18,-Euro (including oil)
ca. 60 min - 35,-Euro (including oil)
ca. 60 min for 2 person - 65,- Euro (including oil)

Soothing Aroma Massage

This massage is relaxing and soft with fragrant aroma oils.
Depending to the oil, certain results can be enhanced. This way it is possible within and during one treatment to take good care about cellulite and generally skin care.
The blood circulation will be improved and mebabolism will be encouraged. (Don't shower anymore the day, you got this massage)

ca. 30 min - 18,- Euro (including oil)
ca. 60 min - 35,- Euro (including oil)

Foot massage

The massaging of feet is part of reflexology and zone therapy.
Since the sensory nerves of all organs end in your feet, each organ will be stimulated at the certain point with the certain amount of pressure.
The effects of a foot massage are solving and liberating to your body and spirit. Its especially recommendable, if there is the possibility to sleep deeply and restfully afterwards.

ca. 30 min - 19,- Euro (including oil)

Light warmth treatment

Laying down and letting go all sorrows, while you are listenning to smooth and calming sounds and music. This is a spring of refreshing your energies.
This treatment I have developed myself and it is very eligible to combine it with certain kinds of massages and mental relaxation forms.
The special warmth that will caress your skin can have a great healing potential to pain in skin, bones and muscles.
Your body own immune defence will be stimulated and your mind will be peacefull.

(please contact me about this treatment and how it can be combined to your personal demands)

Spiritual healing

I was having an apprenticeship with Professor Helmut Krusche. Spiritual healing isn't explainable like a sequence.
It is you who is an individual person and we will find the individual way, that is best for you.
With kinesiological tests and other techniques we will find the truth behind the thoughts and wishes. Often its not immediately clear to ourselves, about the real reason thats causing trouble and without help, you can be trapped.
When the destination is defined I will manifest it. And this will be quick.

(please contact me about this treatment and how it can be combined to your personal demands)